A story to tell…

Let me tell you a story of a girl who had a dream/plan/vision and how life threw a curveball that she could not have seen coming. Life can be surprising and sometimes the most unexpected things can come our way.  The biggest life lesson motherhood has taught me so far. When we decided we wanted … Continue reading A story to tell…

Toxic relationships – 5 tips on how to handle them

We all know them, have either heard of them, been in them or living through them everyday. By definition, "a toxic relationship is a relationship characterised by behaviours on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner. A toxic relationship is characterised by insecurity, self-centredness, dominance, … Continue reading Toxic relationships – 5 tips on how to handle them

Newlyweds living in lockdown #CoronaGate

Now I’m sure a lot of couples when they get married or when they move in with their partners are ecstatic about the idea of living with someone, your boo, your bae, babe – whatever you call them. Like “yay, we get to see each other everyday”. But how many of you could have predicted … Continue reading Newlyweds living in lockdown #CoronaGate

Product of internet dating

Them: So how did you & your husband meet? Me: Oh, we met through a dating app. Them: Really? Are you for real? Which one? Weren’t you scared? Generally, how the conversation goes when I tell people that my marriage is a result of internet dating. So, to answer the questions, yes really. I’m very … Continue reading Product of internet dating