What if you were willing to apply yourself?

So, I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about how the level you apply yourself will make all the difference to what you want you to achieve. They used an example of learning to drive and I hadn’t heard anything truer.

When I was learning to drive there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting that license. It was that simple. I’ve always been into cars and couldn’t wait to own my own set of wheels. That meant nearly 2 yrs of driving lessons as I was still a student, so I started and stopped a few times then in my 2nd year at university I was determined to get that license. Even after 2 failed tests and some tears, I was still determined that I would pass. And I did. Like there was nothing that was going to get in my way when it came to that goal.

But now when I reflect on some of the goals I set myself, I don’t have nearly as much determination to achieve them. Like I have allowed myself this slight acceptance of mediocre attempts to try things and if they don’t quite work out, I tell myself “well, you tried.” Isn’t that fascinating? I want to create a lifestyle of health and wealth just in the same way I wanted that license. I want to own a house just as much as I wanted to own a car. I would like to be a successful career climber even when I get a couple of L’s but why is it so different from when I was learning to drive?

Now to you, is there anything you’ve ever wanted in the past that you worked really hard to achieve, even if it knocked you down a couple of times? And in the present day do you still apply that same tenacity with something you want to achieve?

If your answer is no, like mine is, here are some things you could try out to get you back on track:

Learn something new. Curve out some time to be intentional about getting a new skill or learning something new. Put some time aside, even if you think it’s a sacrifice, that sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

Keep moving. Even when you are feeling stagnate and don’t know what to do, try keep yourself moving. Whilst along the way you will find your stride and a direction to head in. Whereas if you just stop. You may never see a way to go.

Break down what you’d like to achieve. Find out your next best step is. Don’t get focused on figuring out the whole thing. This will make everything feel a little less overwhelming. Trust me even setting yourself like “get out of bed and sit down at the desk” is a great next step to set yourself up!

Be consistent. This applies across the board – Something admittedly I find the most challenging but definitely the overarching goal for anything I put my name on.

My last question for you… How many blessings are held up in your mouth?

Think about the amount of times you say to yourself you could be this or you could be that. The times you cheer yourself on but possibly don’t get into the actions. Which of those blessings you’ve spoken but never action’d would you be able to achieve if you had that same determination of that young lady trying to get her driving license. 

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

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