What you want, isn’t always what’s best for you.

So a while back, before I got married. I was packing in preparation for my move and decided ‘out with old’ & let’s make room for the new.

And you’d be amazed by the things we keep over the years. Old birthday cards, childhood dolls, primary school creations – all sorts!

But I found something else… something I even forgot existed. Do you do that? Our lives evolve so much and sometimes when we are in the here and now we forget where we came from or some things we’ve been through. And it just made me realise a couple of things.

Mainly, sometimes the things you want are not always what’s best for you. At the time, when that “no” comes or the “rejection” comes it feels so devastating and like the end of the world. Then you move on, evolve. Find the next thing and you laugh at yourself for being so sad about that thing in the past that no longer matters, right?

And it made me realise, coming from a perspective of faith, what we want and what God has for us are very different. And believe me what God has in store for you is always way better!! Remember that teenage breakup and you were singing ‘Ray-J : One wish’ like you had even a clue what he was talking about haha! Now you here, all grown and moved on… see that breakup really wasn’t so bad, was it? And if like me, you are happy some of those breakups happened because they taught you about you, about what you like or don’t like. What you are willing to tolerate and what is good enough for you. Every no I have ever received has been something I’m very glad about much later on reflection.

And believe me, I have no bad blood with any people in my past. So this isn’t a shaming post ha! But going through my old things before I started my new life just made me think back and extremely grateful that some things didn’t quite work out how I wanted then because God had such great things in store me! And I can’t wait to see what’s next. Even when any ‘no’ or ‘rejection’ comes my way today or next week, I will always remember that it’s okay, there’s more around the corner that will be better than this.

So here’s to us! For making it through to the other side of that downturn and hopefully with a lot more to show for it than anyone in your past who believed you couldn’t do better.

Keep scrolling and you’ll see what I discovered in my clearing up… you see what I mean 😉

Special mention to the single girl reading this… all things will work for your good and when they do, you will understand why they never did before. Don’t lose hope and don’t waste too much time on that breakup, learn from it, grow from it, cry if you need to. But don’t cry forever. It’s not worth it.

My engagement ring on the left & a ring gifted in my past on the right.

11 thoughts on “What you want, isn’t always what’s best for you.

  1. Thank you for this post.

    I’m currently going through a very painful break up. On some days I feel like I’m going to be fine and I will meet someone better. On other days I ask myself why this is happening to me and if I will ever meet the one. It’s been heart break after heart break and I don’t understand why. I truly hope that one day things will work out for me too.

    I am glad you for your happily ever after ❤


    1. Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      I’m sorry to hear about your breakup, I’m sure there are some really tough days. But I hope and know you will get through it. There is greater things coming your, when the time is right. For now, take it easy. Have a bad day when you need one but know there’s more in store for you that will make all the pain go away 💛


  2. What a great read. Thank you for the encouraging words and you are absolutely right. At the right time, God makes things beautiful. It was just a lovely reminder of that. Thank you!

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  3. I totally agree with you. My job was as a video journalist prior to the global fiasco. I thought I wanted to win an EGOT and be on the big screen and GMA’s set. But going through old things at the house showed me otherwise. It was painful because my mom died last year and I am NOW cleaning up. I found old paintings and drawings I did growing up. I totally forgot how much my world revolved around art. There was an underlying message in her saving everything. A message of love and appreciation and how proud she was of my work. I thought to myself “Holy wow. A kid did this? ME?!” The whole time my purpose & my gifts were in my face and it was like I was being sent a reminder that what I wanted is not what God had planned for me. He sent me with the gift of creativity, an eye for the craft and skill set. Thank you for this ❤

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    1. I absolutely love that! God definitely had greater things in store for you, it was just all a part of the process to find that out for yourself. I am sorry for your mother’s loss but how beautiful that you have that memory of her and now you can relive your purpose and see where the world takes you!


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