Faith does miraculous things

It’s funny when you think about phrases like “have faith” “faith is all you need” “faith is the solution” you don’t think about the depth those types of statements carry.  

In a moment of reflection recently I was immersed into a worship session in my living room and ‘William McDowell – I surrender all’ popped up as YouTube curated my playlist at random. And it just hit me in a little differently. I grew up in a Christian family, baptised as a baby and generally always knew Christianity as part of my life. But as I grew and evolved, it became a tickbox exercise of something we were essentially made to do, not so much chose to do.

Years later, I’m out in the world living alone and studying for my degree in Nottingham… And I came into my faith. There always comes a place or a time when you choose your faith and make it a part of your life and for me pain, broken promises, betrayal and loss led me to my faith. That is when I first heard the same song by William McDowell. Circa 2012.

Now fast forward to 2019 in my living room I hear this song again and goodness! Faith does do magnificent things. Today I listen to this song, as a fully employed young professional, a bill payer and a wife. I barely recognise the past version of myself who listening to the same song had a heart full of pain.

Experiences teach you many things and from 2012 to 2019 it hasn’t been smooth sailing, I can tell you that! But the one thing that has been constant is my faith. The faith that all bad things only last for a season. The faith that has kept me going, discovering myself and throughout relying on moments of worship to remind me who I am and more so whose I AM.

And in a creepy coincidence I am in the middle of a series called ‘Crazy Faith’ by Pastor Michael Todd (you should check it out on YouTube) and you start to realise how much you never know where life will take you but having faith in God (for me… it might be another higher power for you) can truly take you anywhere.

If you had told the me of 2012 that I would be where I am now, I would have never believed you. But if you tell the me of today that in 7yrs time I will be a millionaire, I’ll believe you. Purely because I have seen what faith can do, where it can take you and I know I have a lot more up my sleeve, so why can’t I be that millionaire hey!

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